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        We focus on enhancing students’ career competitiveness in industrial sectors through the implementation of a “Three-in-One” curriculum module. This curriculum module consists of education in three areas: 1) foreign languages, 2) language and culture services, 3) business management and electronic commerce. Its pedagogical objective is to develop student professional skills and strengthen their professionalism through comprehensive ESP training.

  In addition to the general courses, the three departments of the CFL offer the opportunities of international student exchange. Students who opt to take part in these exchange programs are able to take courses at sister schools to experience foreign cultures and enhance their learning motivation.

  The CFL faculty help lecture secondary foreign language courses, and core general educational courses, including “Language and Culture”, “Introduction to World Cultures”, “Development of Cultural and Creative Industry,” “Japanese Culture and Society”, and “German Culture and Society”. These courses help enhance students’ cross-cultural awareness and effective communication skills.

  A number of high-end facilities are available to students ranging from Multimedia Language Learning Centers, Interpretation Classrooms, and Language/Multi-Media Computer Labs. Students from all three departments have access to advanced equipment in a foreign-language training environment, which emphasizes student practice, and ultimately leads to student mastery of specialized subjects they have studied.