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Student five-C poly-competences
To keep up with the trends of digitalization and globalization, students in the three departments are required to develop five-C poly-competences: 1) communication skills, 2) computer literacy, 3) creative thinking, 4) connections to the world, and 5) competence of foreign languages for specific purposes.

International mobility
At present, our college has 21 sister colleges and universities in five countries. We exchange students and implement dual-degree programs. About 50 students each year obtain grants from the Center for International Academic Exchange (CIAE) to study overseas.

Digital learning
All three departments provide a variety of online learning resources and rich digital or/and multi-media materials for students to use online and improve their professional foreign languages.

Multi-cultural experiences
The Three Departments organize foreign festivals every year, including Christmas and Thanksgiving held by the English Department, Japanese Culture Week (yukata photo, haunted house, summer festival) organized by the Japanese Department and the Oktoberfest event organized by the German Department. In addition, the English Department holds an all-English drama performance and the German Department, a graduation performance in German, which fully demonstrate the excellent results of students' language learning.